5 ways to keep your bathroom renovation under budget

5 ways to keep your bathroom renovation under budget

We all dream of the luxurious bathrooms filling the pages of design magazines and gracing our screens on renovation shows such as ‘The Block’, but not many of us have the means to afford such opulence.

Most of our clients want to keep their bathroom renovation under budget – and tight budgets at that. This is good for us, as we pride ourselves in stylish bathrooms on a budget!


Here are our 5 favourite ways to keep your bathroom renovation under budget


The Tiles

Tiles can range in price from $20.00 per square meter up to over $500.00 square meter (Australian). And while products like natural stone such as marble and limestone can look great, the price you can expect to pay can also blow your budget in one shot.
But, there are many products that look like the real thing for a much more affordable price range. You need to ask yourself if you want the best, or a product that functionally is as good, as aesthetically as good, but much cheaper. And in the end, who really knows if your tiles are Italian marble or an Australian equivalent?

The other way you can reduce tiling costs, is to reduce the amount of tiles. Wall tiles, although look fabulous floor to ceiling, can be limited to the shower recess if your budget is really tight, or half way up the wall which if you choose the right tile can still look amazing. (see pic below)

grey-subway-tiles-half-way-up-wall.Tiling half walls can look effective with the right contrast



Tapware is one of those ever-changing fixtures, depending on the trend of the times. At the moment, black tapware and also rose-gold tapware are hot – but, it also comes at a price. If that cost isn’t one you want to take on board, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to chrome. Chrome tapware is classic and timeless, and it will look as good in ten years’ time as it does today.

Another way to keep tapware down is to source from bulk providers such as Bunnings Warehouse or wholesale bathroom suppliers (which we often use). Not only do they have high-quality products equal to those found in specialist bathroom stores, but they also have a wide range.

Also consider the style of taps you can afford. Mixer taps often end up more cost effective than separate tap sets.


Chrome mixer tap, always stylish


Off the shelf vanities

With good bathroom design, most bathrooms can allow for an off-the-shelf vanity. Vanities now come in a range of standard sizes to fit the small bathroom, right up to the larger bathroom. The range of vanities also available is huge. You can choose from draws (most popular) or a combination of draws and cupboards – the styles are endless.
The main way to keep the cost down is to choose a white vanity. Gloss white vanities are readily available and are more cost effective than alternative such as timber.
If your budget stretches a little further, for a small cost you can upgrade the bench top to a stone or timber top.


The Palazzo vanity from Fontaine Industries is one of the most popular ones we install


Vanity Bowls

Again, this is an area where you can fork out hundreds of dollars unnecessarily. On-trend bowls such as black or terracotta will wipe out a fair chunk of your budget, so why not stick to white? There are a wide range of shapes and sizes, from modern oval and round bowls, to the more traditional square or rectangular look. Checking out bulk suppliers can save you tons in this area.
Another way to limit the cost is to choose a vanity with the bowls already incorporated into the unit. It’s a different look, but can still look stylish when teamed with the right tapware and tiles.


Can you believe this Bellagio basin from Fontaine Industries is only $79?


The Bath

One of the biggest trends we are seeing is people opting to remove the bath altogether from their bathrooms and opt for a larger or double shower. If this isn’t a feasible option for you, there are alternatives.
The shower over bath is an inexpensive and practical solution for smaller bathrooms.
Also, a bathroom renovation doesn’t always have to mean replacing the bath. If your bath is still in good condition you may wish to keep it and work it in with the renovation. It’s amazing how┬ánew tapware and tiles can lift even the most basic baths.
If you do decide to replace your bath, again, keep in mind bulk suppliers who will save you hundreds compared to sourcing from specialist bathroom outlets.


An existing in-built bath can be brought to life with some great tiles & tapware


A bathroom renovation doesn’t need to cost you the earth. If your budget allows for you to go all out – go for it! But if not, hopefully these five suggestions will help you to create your dream bathroom, no matter what your budget is.

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