7 tips to plan your bathroom renovation


If you’ve reached a point where your tired old bathroom is in need of some serious love, it’s probably time to renovate. So if your bank balance approves, it’s time to plan your bathroom renovation.

But where do you start?

Here’s 7 tips to plan for your bathroom renovation to ensure you get what you need, within the budget you can afford.


Look at your requirements

Some questions to consider…

  • Are you renovating an ensuite or the family bathroom?
  • Does the bathroom require a single or double bowl vanity?
  • What space is available?
  • Does the room need a bath, or would a shower suffice?
  • Do you need a toilet in the room or is it a separate water closet?
  • What features or fixtures are okay to stay, or is the whole room in need of stripping and starting again?


Gather your ideas

Once you have an idea of what your bathroom needs and what fixtures are staying or going, it’s time to pull together some ideas.

  • Scour bathroom and renovation websites for ideas.
  • Put together a scrap book or pinterest board of products and fixtures you like.
  • Make sure you compare prices from specialist bathroom suppliers to budget suppliers such as Bunnings. It’s amazing how often you’ll find similar products at a fraction of the cost.
  • Get a feel for what you don’t like, as well as what you do like.
  • Don’t get too hooked up on current trends. You want your bathroom to look good now and in ten years’ time.


Where are your plumbing points?

One of the most expensive parts of a bathroom renovation can be relocating water and plumbing points. If your current bathroom layout is practical, it will be a lot more cost effective to leave plumbing points where they are. If you find you need to relocate points, think of the most logical set out as this will help to limit the cost.


Call in the professionals!

Dedicated bathroom specialists such as Bathroom Renovation Rescue can be a god-send. With experience behind them, your bathroom specialist can advise on the most logical ideas to keep your bathroom renovation under budget. They can advise on suitable layouts, fixtures & fittings, and general advice on how to make your dream bathroom a reality for the best possible price.


Get a quote

Do-it-yourself may sound like a great option, but unless you are confident in every area of your renovation, getting a quotes from professional tradesmen is recommended. And remember, things such as waterproofing, electrical and plumbing must be done by suitably qualified and experienced contractors.

At Bathroom Renovation Rescue, our point of difference is that we handle everything for you. From demolition, through to plumbing, tiling and fit out. This not only saves you money, but also time and takes the headache out of the do-it-yourself avenue.

Our quotes are fully detailed so you can see exactly what the process will be and what is included. We use licensed professional tradesmen, and provide the mandatory builder’s insurance for jobs over $16,000. (Although most renovations fall well under this price bracket).


Analyse the quote

Once you have your quote take a thorough read through to make sure you understand what is being priced and what is included.

With our quotes, we always quote for the base range of products and fixtures (unless otherwise requested). This allows you to check out the quoted products and see if you want to upgrade any. That way you are always in control and aware of the costs.


Get it done!

Once you have your preferred layout and are happy with the quote it’s time to get it done! We pride ourselves in a service that is not only of the highest standard, but also fast. Having a bathroom out of action for any length of time is inconvenient, and we know this. You can rest assured once your job begins, we are there until it’s finished. Making sure that it’s done in the least amount of time possible.


If you’re ready to begin planning your bathroom renovation and need some practical advice, why not call Shane on 0417-033-064 and have a chat about your ideas? We also provide a free no-obligation measure and quote, so call Shane today.


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