The Bath – freestanding vs built in

freestanding bath vs built in tub

It’s the question all bathroom renovators will be faced with – Freestanding bath vs built in tub. A question that has divided many couples, families, and tradesmen. It’s the mother of all questions!!

Okay, so maybe that’s a little dramatic, but choosing your bath can be a tricky decision to navigate. Often, which look you go for will be determined by the style of bathroom you are creating. For example, a period bathroom wouldn’t look right without a freestanding claw-foot bath. Also the size of the bathroom can limit the shape and choice of the bath. With these things in mind, let’s look at the pros and cons of freestanding vs built in baths.



  • Ultra modern
  • On-trend
  • Elegant and stylish
  • A stand-out feature
  • Luxurious and expensive look and feel


  • May not be practical for the elderly or children
  • Needs large area of space*
  • More cleaning time (cleaning the whole bath internal and external)
  • Dust can gather between bath and wall, and can be difficult to clean depending on space
  • Plumbing points may be more difficult to install
  • More oversplash/overflow implications depending on location in bathroom
  • Not generally suitable for shower-over-bath scenario


Built In Tub


  • Good accessibility for children and elderly
  • Easy to clean
  • Neat and practical
  • Good space saver – great for smaller areas
  • Easier to control oversplash
  • Can be an effective bathroom feature when choosing feature/accent tiles


  • Boring or plain looking
  • Can look cheap if not finished well
  • Not necessarily contemporary looking


Ultimately whether you go for the modern, stylish look of a freestanding bath, or the more practical built in tub, it must fit the mood of your room.

These days there is a great variety of bathtubs available. *Including modern looking freestanding tubs that have a flat back that can be fitted directly against the wall. They give the stylish modern look, but are easier to clean and install, and can be fitted to smaller spaces.


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