3 things not to skimp on your bathroom renovation

Just uttering the words bathroom renovation can see dollar signs of doom light up in your eyes, but bathroom renovations don’t have to cost the earth. However, there are a couple of things that are worth forking out for in your bathroom renovation.




(image courtesy of Beaumont Tiles)

The tiles you choose in your bathroom are your most important investment. Not only do they set the whole tone of the room, but the right tiles can make a small bathroom look larger, and a budget renovation look a million dollars.

If you watch the plethora of renovation and house flipping reality TV shows on offer, many suggest painting over existing tiles. This of course is an option for those really tight budgets, but new tiles can make a dramatic impact on your end result. And you don’t need to spend a fortune, but it’s worth the extra expense.

These days there are plenty of budget friendly tile options that look like their more expensive Italian counterparts. And if there’s one thing you won’t regret when you do your renovation, it’s the tiles you choose. So don’t opt for tile paint, or leaving the floor tiles, stretch your budget just a little and you will not be disappointed.


Shower Head


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There’s nothing more luxurious than standing under a wide shower head and letting the heavy droplets wash away the days stress. And of course, they look fantastic.

These days, there’s a wide range of water-saving rain heads that are both indulgent, classy. Spending a little extra not only allows you the reward of standing under a relaxing waterfall of rain, but will also set an elegant, regal tone for your bathroom. Choose from wall or roof mounted rain heads, or wall rails with a second shower head for extra indulgence (and easy cleaning too!).


Extra Storage


(image courtesy of Cass Brothers)

One of our most popular products to install is the mirrored shaving cabinet. Why? Because of the added storage at your finger tips. Cabinets can be recessed into the wall for a more streamlined look, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all bathrooms.

If you are wanting to store towels in the bathroom, think about how you can incorporate additional cupboards alongside your vanity, or perhaps a shelving rack or unit so towels are on display and add to the texture of the room. There are many options when it comes to storage, and with good design, most bathrooms can accommodate shelving and/or cupboards.


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