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We can also supply stone benchtops, see below for details.

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Waterproofing Information

Waterproofing is an essential part of any wet area renovation to ensure the areas are not compromised during exposure to water. This process must be completed with precision. Please ensure your builder/tiler is qualified to undertake this job (as we are).

At Bathroom Renovation Rescue we waterproof in accordance with Australian Standard AS3740 / 2010.

In brief, the standard requires:

  • Waterproofing of full floor in shower recesses
  • Waterproofing at least 100mm over the hob or step down in to the bathroom floor
  • Waterproofing at least 150mm up the walls inside shower
  • The vertical angle between any two walls into shower up to at least 1800 high must be waterproofed
  • If the floor is timber, or if it’s above the ground floor of the house,  the entire bathroom floor needs to be waterproofed
  • Clean substrates are a must before waterproofing
  • Polyurethane filler to be used to all junctions in conjunction with a reinforced polyester bond breaker
  • Bond breaker to be set into waterproofing membrane in first coat and at least 1-2 hours should be allowed for drying before second coat
  • Second coat should be applied in the opposite direction to the first coat
  • Manufactures product instructions for cure/tiling over times are adhered

The following are the steps we follow to ensure guaranteed waterproofing to your area

  • Cleaning of areas to ensure they are clean and dust free
  • Install puddle flanges to shower drainage point ensuring they are recessed into substrate
  • Install water seals/tray for shower bases and to doorways
  • Provide polyurethane seals around taps and spindles
  • Prime with approved primer
  • Apply masking tape to required areas e.g. painted areas to be protected to create clean lines
  • Waterproofing membranes to be applied in junction areas via brush and larger areas e.g. floors, walls with a roller
  • Ensure manufactures instructions are adhered to during and after process

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our waterproofing please don’t hesitate to call Shane on 0417-033-064.

Now Developments Pty Ltd T/A Bathroom Renovation Rescue is a fully registered and insured building contractor, for your peace of mind and assurance.