How to select the perfect bathroom tiles


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Building or renovating your bathroom? One of the most important decisions you will make, is tile selection. The right tiles can make or break a bathroom, so what things do you need to take into consideration when choosing bathroom tiles?


Size & shape of your bathroom

If your bathroom is small, and with limited natural light it is important to choose tiles that will make the space look bigger and brighter. Often white, or light coloured tiles are best in these situations. Also the configuration is something to take into account. You want to create a harmonious feel between wall and floor tiles, as well with any feature tiles you choose. Too many different patterns and colours can be detrimental so choose textures and patterns that will highlight the space you have and create an illusion of space and light.

Style and mood

It’s important to think about the mood you wish to create in your bathroom. Are you after a fresh, vibrant space filled with light? Or are you after a more luxurious feel? You will also need to consider the style of the rest of your house – do you have a modern or period home – this will influence the style of your bathroom and therefore choice of bathroom tiles.


Style of tile

From ceramic to porcelain or stone, there are many options for your choice of bathroom tiles. When choosing tiles, make sureĀ the finish of your tile is taken into consideration along with the colours and style you are wanting to achieve. Different tiles have different maintenanceĀ and cleaning requirements, so also take that into consideration.


To feature or not to feature

This will often come down to the mood you are wanting to create. Feature and accent tiles can give lift a bathroom from nice to amazing. But feature tiles can also date your bathrooms. Be wary of following current out-of-the-box trends unless you are immediately on-selling the home, as nothing dates a house quicker than the bathrooms! Also consider where you want to put your feature tiles, and it is best to choose only one feature tile to compliment your bathroom.



Ultimately budget will be the number one consideration when selecting bathroom tiles. We are fortunate today with advances in technology tiles are more affordable. Less expensive tiles are often ‘copies’ of more expensive ones, but in a more cost-effective material and with more cost-effective production techniques (think Italian vs Chinese tiles). Cheaper tiles and materials does not always mean inferior quality. You can often get a top quality tiles for around the AU$30.00 per square meter mark (as at 2017). It is also worthwhile comparing prices from tiling shops, as they old saying goes – it pays to shop around!


Choosing bathroom tiles isn’t something to be taken lightly. With good research, you will find selecting the right tiles for your bathroom will be a pleasure, not a chore.



If you need advice on selecting your tiles, don’t hesitate to contact Shane on 0417-033-064. With over 25 years’ experience Shane can advise you on every aspect of choosing tiles and bathroom design, build and renovation.

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