Top 5 Plants for your Bathroom

Considering plants for your bathroom? Indoor plants are a great way to freshen up your bathroom and add a bit of colour. Greenery looks particularly stunning against a white bathrooom backdrop. And not only do they look great, indoor plants also benefit your health.

Did you know indoor plants purify the air in your home? And that they remove harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde from the environment? There’s so much more to an indoor plant than looks!

Before considering which plant, take into consideration the amount of natural light, how much space/area you have, and the ventilation, humidity and temperature.

Here are our 5 top plants for your bathroom:


The Peace Lily


One of the toughest plants around, the Peace Lily requires little attention. It thrives in low light, and loves the steam from the shower as it mirrors natural humidity. Water lightly, or when the glossy leaves begin to droop. They will spring up almost immediately with a drop of water!


Aloe Vera

Not only a striking looking plant, but a healing one! Everyone knows the benefits of natural aloe for burns, cuts and rashes, so how wonderful to have an aloe plant at your fingertips. The Aloe Vera needs little water, but likes natural light.


The Orchid

An elegant choice for the luxurious bathroom. Orchids thrive in humid conditions and in indirect light. Bathrooms can be one of the best growing conditions perfectly mirroring the plants natural environment.



Many varieties of ferns will survive in bathroom conditions. Ferns love humidity and thrive best in indirect light. For best results, place close to the window and keep the soil moist, but not saturated.


The Cast Iron Plant

This plant certainly lives up to its name, so if you don’t have a green thumb, it’s the perfect choice. Able to survive in low light, with infrequent watering and extreme heat, it is a great plant for the bathroom. Keep out of direct natural light for best growth.


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