White Bathroom Ideas

There’s nothing more beautiful than a white bathroom. Fresh, clean and bright, the white bathroom oozes luxury. And the best thing is, it never dates!

However, there is also the chance that if not done right, the white bathroom can be sterile and boring. Which isn’t the look anyone wants.

Here are a few white bathroom ideas to prove how easy it is to create a white bathroom that is bright and fresh, without being boring.


 A splash of bold colour

white bathroom ideas bold rugs

This white bathroom combines simple features such as tiles and cabinetry but makes a statement with the bold, red floor rugs, turning a budget bathroom into a brilliant feature.


Add warmth with shades of white

white bathroom ideas cream tones

It’s true, white bathrooms can look cold and sterile. This bathroom utilizes the white palate beautifully adding in shades of creams and ivories to create a warm, luxurious feel. It also uses feature tapware to accentuate the room perfectly.


Add some nature

white bathroom ideas with plants

One of the most effective ways to create a stunning white bathroom is to introduce some live pot plants. Not only will they add colour and a fresh appeal, but also create a healthy environment cleaning and filtering the air you breathe. Just make sure you choose the right indoor plant for your bathroom, taking into consideration the amount of ventilation and natural light.


Add a feature wall

white bathroom idea feature wall

If you can’t bring yourself to completely embrace white, you can add colour and depth with a feature wall. This effect can also be achieved with a simple feature tile in one area of the room, or perhaps just a different coloured floor tile. The majority of the room and features remain white, still creating the fresh, clean lines that are timeless.


Change the feel with your accessories

white bathroom ideas feature towel

The easiest and most cost effective way to liven up a white bathroom is to add coloured accessories. Towels are inexpensive and interchangeable way to add colour. Added accessories such as toothbrush holders, loofas and brushes, floor mats or lotion and potion jars are optional extras and add a touch of personality too.


If you’re longing for a white bathroom, give Shane a call on 0417-033-064 to chat about the best way to begin your bathroom renovation. 

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