Why communication with your builder during your Bathroom Reno is essential

One of the most important aspect of renovating a bathroom for a customer isn’t something obvious such as providing a quality renovation. While of course that is the ultimate goal, the most important thing during the renovation is communication.

At Bathroom Renovation Rescue we pride ourselves on our communication with our customers.

During the quoting phase, we go through the needs and requirements for your bathroom, listen to your ideas, and your vision for the finished job. We discuss what things will work and what things won’t, and offer you advice and suggestions on giving you the best bathroom offering both practicality and style based on the area you have.  We sit down and go through our product catalogue and suggest how you can keep within your budget. We also send through our catalogue with the quote so you can reference products and styles and change things up if you need.

On the first day of your job we meet with you on site to clarify things before getting to work. This on-site meeting is essential to make sure we are both on the same page. During the job, there will always be things that arise and it is during this phase of your bathroom renovation where communication between ourselves and the customer is of utmost importance. Resolving issues and getting answers to questions when they arise assures that your job stays on track to your specs and on track for a timely finish. This is one area where we take absolute pride, as it’s this constant communication with our customers that result in the finished bathroom bringing a huge smile to our customers face.

Upon handover of the finished job, we walk through the bathroom with the customer to make sure they are 100% happy the final result. This is where all the hard work and all the communication throughout the job shows its worth; in a finished bathroom that our customers are thrilled with. Because if you’re happy, we’re happy.

At Bathroom Renovation Rescue, we stand by our processes and communication skills and it shows in the number of happy customers we have, our word of mouth referrals and the great relationships we have with our clients long after the jobs are finished.

So, next time you’re looking for a bathroom reno, make sure your builder is not only licensed and experienced, can not only provide you with a quality bathroom but is renowned for their communication and customer service.

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