Will a bathroom renovation add value to your home?



Will a bathroom renovation add value to your home? It’s a great question. Let’s see if we can answer it.

Spending money on your home can sometimes feel never ending. Even with a new home, there will always be maintenance and upkeep to take care of your most valued (and expensive!) asset.

If you are looking at undertaking major make-overs or renovations, it’s important to do your homework. There is nothing more disappointing and frustration that spending money on your home and over-capitalising.

According to domain.com.au, one of Australia’s most trusted property websites, a bathroom renovation will add value to your home – providing you make wise choices. In a recent interview on the site, Dan Mulcahy, founder and managing director of Mulcahy’s Construction Group (MCG) in Melbourne, says,

“Bathrooms are an area that buyers and tenants demand to be modern and up to date with clean and stylish fixtures and fittings.” But, he also warns that setting a budget to avoid over capitalising is important. (Read full article here)




But how do you know if you’re over capitalising?


Here are our top 3 tips to make sure your bathroom renovation adds value to your home


know your house

When thinking about your bathroom renovation, you first have to consider the styling of your home. Whether or not your home is a contemporary modern property, or a classic character filled cottage, will impact what finishes and fixtures you will require to deliver a bathroom that fits with your home. And with your budget.


Are you selling now or in the future?

This is a key thing to consider. If you are selling sooner rather than later, you’ll need to consider what else (if anything) you are doing to the property, and therefore where the bathroom renovation is worth doing to make your home more saleable. There’s no use spending thousands on a stunning bathroom if the rest of your house is stuck in the 1970s and you don’t plan to do any other renovating. However, if your home is fairly modern but your bathroom is the one in a time-warp, then remodelling will certainly add value.

Also, if you are not planning on selling immediately, now is the time you need to think about how ‘on-trend’ you want to make your renovation. Although things such as black tapware and round baths may be stylish right now, they could very well stick a time-stamp to your bathroom should the trend fade in the near future.


Have a budget in mind

Once you know what you need to renovate and your future plans, then is the time to set your budget. Work out whether you simply need to upgrade a few fixtures such as shower screens and tap-ware, or if you need to do a whole room remodel and renovation. Set your budget accordingly. And most importantly; stick to it!






If you’re unsure if a bathroom renovation will add value to your home, give us a call to work through some ideas and give you a quote. Call Shane today 0417-033-064.



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